SMG Magazine pouch -14, SnigelDesign
  • SMG Magazine pouch -14, SnigelDesign

SMG Magazine pouch -14, SnigelDesign

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100 g

L= 23, W= 9 & D= 4

Fits in:
1 MP5 magazine or telescopic baton

Fits on:
Duty belt, leg platform, specialist backpack the equipment vest and on the trouser belt.


Very fast access to your submachine gun magazine
  • Stores one magazine or telescopic baton
  • Store the magazine with the top up, pull it and insert it with one smooth movement- It can't be done faster
  • Elastic band keeps the content secure when the flap is open
  • Flap for added security when fast roping or similar
  • Velcro Vertical/Horizontal attachment system makes it possible to attach the pouch on any equipment vest or belt.

22-00245-01-000, SMG magazine pouch -14is an upgarded version of the -00 pouch which takes less space and is lighter, but otherwise has teh same functions as before.


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